General labour supply

we are into the business of supply of general labour, manpower and experience personnel’s to firms in diverse fields inclusive of security manpower. We have a directory of competent personnel to man and handle any of your manpower needs. All you need do is mention the area of service you want and we will supply you competent individual.

Property development, sales and landed property acquisition

Being an indigenous corporate entity, OSHESHERI NIGERIA LIMITED is vast in area of acquisition and sales of landed properties which include: Lands, Buildings and the development of such. We have regular listings of properties for sale and lease at affordable prices available in mortgage and full payments

Supply of petrochemical products

Realizing the impotence of the plastic industries toward the development of the Nigerian economy, it is one of our mandates to help develop the economy in this regard by way of supplying such business concerns with the necessary raw materials such as: carbon-black, polypropylene etc. we obtain the raw material from the NNPC petrochemical plant Ekpan which is very close to our head office

Fumigation and cleaning of corporate premises

We have specialized key personnel in this area of our services. Whatever your fumigation needs are; be it your office or home premises, OSHESHERI NIGERIA LIMITED is well at your service. We assist your procure the needed chemical together with the right and competent manpower to keep your office and residential premises clean and health for stay

Sewage evacuation, Site/office cleaning of corporate yards

We recognize the importance of corporate hygiene. We therefore help in the provision of service revolving with corporate hygiene by way of assisting corporate bodies in the evacuation of sewage out of their septic tanks. We have the necessary machines and competent staffs as regard this task. We also undertake the cleaning of sites and offices belonging to corporate bodies as well and undertake the disposal of wastage.

Manufacturers’ representative

We are manufacturers’ representative locally and internationally. To this end, we therefore make it clear to manufacturers of diverse specialties that we can help to market their goods and services with the best international and local practice within and outside Nigeria. One of our core values id to maintain our representatives standard and deliver services in a way that will reflect whatever client we represent.

Supply of Building materials. Steel products, billets and rods of all sizes

OSHESHERI NIGERIA LIMITED is also know in the procurement of building materials as required by corporate firms and organization. We supply steel products such as billets, rods of all sizes is also one of our core mandate. We provide items like sand, granite, rods, woods, beams, ceramic tiles, roofing sheets as well as decorative paints. This we do in terms of tonnage of products

Supply of office equipment, stationeries and computer consumables

The supply of office equipment, stationeries and computer consumables to interested individuals and corporate bodies is also one of our areas of specialization. Where ever your location is, we deliver timely in this regard. We can also assist in installation or provide you with the need manpower as regard installation and operation of installed devices

Minor Road repairs, patching potholes, sand filling and earth related works

We also carry out minor repairs of roads. We have competent manpower, civil engineers who are in charge of this department. Whatever the nature of road and the type of repair you want – whether bitumen, concrete or interlock. OSHESHERI NIGERIA LIMITED is at your service

Supply of industrial and personal protective equipment

We can supply individual safety equipment to both private and corporate bodies. These include: Helmets, Safety booths, hand gloves, safety goggles, life buoys and jackets etc

Supply of petroleum product

We specialize in the supply of petroleum products to interested individuals and corporate bodies. These products include PREMIUM MOTOR SPIRIT (PMS), DUAL PURPOSE KEROSENE (DPK).  AUTOMATED GAS OIL (AGO), LIQUIFIED PETROLEUM GAS (LPG), LUBRICATING OILS etc. the proximity of the NNPC refinery and petrochemical plant to our head office is and added advantage to our capability in this regard. No matter where your location is with and outside the State, we are at your service

Supply of food stuffs

OSHESHERI NIGERIA LIMITED also supply food stuffs such as yams, vegetables, plantains, garri, raw starch, raw starch, rice, groceries etc. to companies in the food and hospitality industry and to individuals and CEOs of catering outfits

General Printing Works

We design, manufacture carry out general printing works covering complementary card, company letter heads, calendars, almanacs etc. we also produce and supply these stationeries to corporate bodies. We handle Projects for Schools, Churches, events for corporate entities in their  business meetings and general meetings

Petroleum and Gas Marketers
- Oil Field Services
- Property Managers
- General Contractors

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